Walls with Character, Naturally

Solamente Experience

Solamente Clay Walls was founded by Sally and Kent Gurley, seasoned (well beyond salt and pepper!) professionals with extensive backgrounds in green products, construction, design, and color. Sally and Kent have long had a passion for transforming interior spaces, and Solamente has proven to be the perfect vehicle for expressing their passion. Solamente has applied over 900,000 sq. ft. of clay plaster. They truly care about your space and the quality of your experience. It matters!


Solamente Quality

Solamente teams are trained professionals employed full time by the company. Solamente goes the extra mile to be sure your walls are finished properly and consistently. Solamente has developed unique solutions for troubled areas. Solamente cares about your home or office as though it was their own - when the job is done, clean up is completed and the trash is taken away.

Solamente uses American Clay Earth Plasters as basic products, then diligently researches the “best practices” to create the most beautiful and durable walls possible. Solamente is now combining American Clay Plasters with other products to enhance their beauty and durability. It matters!

Solamente Service

Solamente works with clients to select just the right color and texture to enhance their space. Solamente provides free estimates in a timely manner. Solamente produces their own samples for your approval. Solamente Clay Walls believes in service after the sale. Experience has taught that successful businesses and products are all about relationships. In this spirit, all Solamente customers receive ONE YEAR FREE TOUCH UP for minor nicks and dings. We work with each customer to teach them how to live with clay plaster walls. Each customer receives a repair kit with plasters and tools. It matters!


Solamente Colors

Solamente has developed 92 standard colors that are available to spice up your home.  We also create custom colors. Our goal is to insure that you have the colors you seek to create the palette you envision for your space.

Working with Solamente was an exciting process from beginning to end. They got to know us and the “vision” for our home, then put together a wonderful color palette to fit that vision and complement our furnishings. It was exciting to see each room bloom with color and warmth as the clay was applied. Solamente was terrific to work with and took great care from design through clean up to insure customer satisfaction.”     


Solamente Reliability

Solamente shows up when they say they will! Solamente makes and keeps appointments!

Projects are completed on time and as proposed. Solamente is flexible if changes are desired. Solamente is licensed, bonded and insured. It matters!  

Why Choose Clay Plaster?

Natural Clay Plaster buffers humidity keeping your space cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and more pleasant to live in. Clay plaster filters the air of pollen and dander, is mold and mildew resistant, is totally non-toxic. Clay plaster acoustically softens a room. Inside today’s modern home there are electrical appliances, electric cords, and synthetic products (latex paint), all of which produce and maintain a positive charge in the air. Surrounding your interior environment with clay that neutralizes positive ions will not only help reduce the electromagnetic effect created, but will help eliminate static charge on walls and floors, and surround you with the charge humans are accustomed to when living in nature. AND clay plaster creates an absolutely gorgeous interior!

                              Clay Plaster = beauty + energy savings + healthier environment

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Our massive home renovation project involved an “army” of contractors, tradespeople, and specialists vendors. Few of them delivered or executed to our complete satisfaction. Solamente Clay Walls was a standout exception where the satisfaction was and remains perfect. Always on time, always taking care to explain every detail of the process, and producing a result that exceeded our optimistic expectations - we were total fans from the day our home was finished. But the service did not stop there. Their friendly “after installation” support, whether advising on care of the surface or repair of abrasions or damage, is equally wonderful. Even if they did not have the spectacular product they have, we would want to do business with Solamente.”